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Underarm Waxing: Is it just me?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am addicted to getting my underarms waxed with the Lycon Waxing System. When I used to shave my underarms, I was never totally satisfied. Being Hispanic/Latino descent I had dark spots and really coarse black hair in that area, which let’s be honest, is not very attractive. Luckily waxing is available to anyone and everyone, from thin blonde hair, to dark coarse hair.

It took me awhile to get used to the idea of growing out my underarm hair for a couple of weeks so that I could experience the best results and full benefits of underarm waxing. I admit, I was worried about what people in public would think about me in the summer time. Whether I was laying out at Barton Springs or going to a concert and waving my arms in the air during SXSW, I was always wondering if I was being judged for having a bush of hair growing out of my armpits.  But I figured, “we’re in Austin, who cares!” Now I can say with confidence getting your underarms waxed is totally worth it and less painful than you may anticipate.

Sure, getting your underarms waxed sounds painful and even possibly embarrassing because it’s such a weird and sensitive area for us women to grow hair. But, apart from the quick, shooting pain, the results are beautiful and have always left me feeling more confident to show them off in this Texas heat.

Your esthetician will first apply a thin layer of our all natural, pre-wax oil with ingredients like apricot and jasmine, to ensure the skin is moisturized. Then they will use Lycon’s Azulene Hard Wax, which is great for all candidates with all hair types and sensitive skin, to remove those hairs. Once the hair is removed from the root, an all-natural tea tree lotion will be applied to the freshly waxed area to help with any inflammation and discomfort. You’ll leave feeling like a new woman/ man ready for any event that involves throwing your arms in the air to show off your beautifully smooth, hairless underarms for two weeks, woo!

Maintenance for this type of service is easy; just make sure not to shave or tweeze the area in between appointments and no deodorant or exfoliation to the area within 24 hours after your appointment. You will notice the hair growing back thinner (which is exciting to see) and maybe even see some hair reduction (even more exciting!). I can assure you that a razor won’t be seeing my underarm

s ever again!

Come by Glow Spa and Wax House in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas and see me for your underarm wax. Let’s feel beautifully smooth together. – Adriana :)

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