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Capri Blue Candles:

Capri Blue Candles:

There is nothing like that gentle flicker of a candle flame, warming your home with its sweet scent, except if your candle is filling your home with toxic chemicals and possibly contributing to air pollution.

We work so hard to stay healthy and rid our bodies from toxic chemicals, but did you know paraffin is the major ingredient in many conventional candles and is a sludge/ waste product from the petroleum industry? It releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned and is no safer than second hand smoke around our pets and family. Scented candles can also have lead in the wick. These are just 2 of many toxic chemicals that can be in the products your using at home. So please be careful what you burn and make sure it is good for you.

There is good news though, there are many products like the Capri Blue candles available, that you can safely burn and enjoy the serenity that comes from a really good candle. At Glow Spa and Wax House we cannot get enough of these delicious soy candles that burn clean with all natural substances. These candles are great for any occasion and are surely a good gift for anyone.

What makes them smell so good you may ask? Each candle has its own special blend of aromatherapy and is hand crafted in the United States. We carry a large variety of Capri Blue candles and switch them out seasonally at our spa in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas.

We hope you enjoyed this read and hope to see you in our waxing salon and spa soon – Jessica ;)

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