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Diamond Glow Skincare Treatments

The Dermalinfusion Diamond Glow Treatment is a popular red carpet ready facial with clinical results. This treatment is great for treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentation, superficial scarring and is safe for rosacea prone and sensitive skin.

What’s the difference between Dermalinfusion aka the Diamond Glow Facial vs the HydraFacial?

HydraFacial was made for the spa setting and uses plastic tips and serums/ peels for a gentle treatment. The plastic tips and serums make this a one size fits all treatment.

Dermalinfusion is powered by Allergan, the makers of Botox, and was made for a clinical approach for med spas or dermatologists but is spa safe as there is no real downtime on this treatment. You will leave having your skin feel hydrated, clean, tight and bright. Real diamond tips are used with pneumatic suction that exfoliates, extracts and infuses at the same time. The diamond tips are customized as there are several options to choose from depending on the client’s skin type and concerns. The skin types these tips are designed for range from rosacea prone/sensitive, inflamed/ acne, thick resilient and even superficial scarring. This treatment is also very unique as it is done so with lymphatic drainage to give you an even healthier complexion.  There is even a large body piece used to treat anywhere of the body for stretch marks, back acne and scarring, texture and KP keratosis plaris.

To treat scarring and acne, melisma or hyperpigmentation, it is recommended you do a series of sessions spaced out 2- 3 weeks apart. Series’ come in 3 and 6 at a discounted price compared to a single treatment. Speak to your esthetician about what might be best for you.

Pricing for one treatment is $200 and this treatment includes the face, lip, eye and neck area  and lymphatic drainage. 

The back treatment is targeted for acne and scarring and pricing for that treatment is $300.

Package of 3 is $540, a 10% savings from the individual pricing.

Packages of 6 is  $1020, a 15% savings from the individual pricing.

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