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Male Grooming, waxing and skincare:

Male Grooming, waxing and skincare:

Male grooming is on the up. The stats on male waxing show an increase of 130% in male waxing over the last year alone – in fact it even has it’s own name: Manscaping. Taking care of your body is in and stray ear hairs are out. We’ve been delving into the figures and can now reveal the top male treatments and how you can get you guy looking groomed.

A few fun facts to get you started:

Our top male treatment is a full back wax.

A hairy chest is often seen as a sign of masculinity and some men and women find it very attractive however we are yet to meet anyone who is a fan of a hairy back. We usually use strip wax for this treatment, it takes about 25 mins, is relatively pain free and many of clients notice that the hair grows back thinner and finer.

Male Hollywoods/Brazilians

One of the main benefits of intimate waxing is that you don’t get the itchy re-growth associated with shaving and you’ll also notice less ingrown hairs. As with back waxing you’ll often notice that after just a few waxes, much less hair grows back and where it does, it’s thinner and softer (and easier to pull out on the next wax). As this area of the body tends to be quite warm and dare we say it, a bit sweaty, it can often feel cleaner to remove the hair from these intimate areas. Plus you’re likely to get a good response from spouses and girlfriends. You know the saying: The shorter the grass, the taller the tree…


These treatments take about 10 minutes and you will barely notice a twinge. Our therapists use hot wax on these fiddly areas which means they coat the area in a thick, warm wax, wait a minute or so for it to cool down (and attach the hair) and then whip it off, pulling the hair out in one go. Let us re-assure that not one of our front desk staff or therapists will bat an eyelid if you book in for these treatments. About a quarter of our clients are male and we have men in out of our salons daily. Benefits of these treatment include:

1 - You save time on plucking out odd stray hairs 2 - Eyebrow waxing can really help open out your face, make you look more awake, younger and even happier! 3 - Nose waxing = less bogeys on show 4 - Ear waxing means you won’t look like your grandad

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