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Jessica Berardi, Owner, Glow Spa and Wax

Powder Brows,  Microblading,&   ComboBrows

A Powder Brow or combo powder brow with microblading session can take over 3 hours and costs $700 or more depending on the options you choose. A perfecting touch up is included in pricing 4-5 weeks after your initial visit.

Microblading or microfeathering initial session is $600 perfecting 4-5 week touch up is included Initial session can take over 2 hours.


There is a non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure your initial session for all cosmetic tattoo services. Any changes to this appointment require a minimum of 5 days notice. Late Cancellations and No-Shows will be charged our regular cancellation fees

4-5 weeks after the initial appointment a free touch up is offered to maintain best results. Touch ups must be done within 5 weeks or additional fees may occur.

Licensed, certified and experienced in brow shaping for over a decade, Jessica was trained by the pioneer of the Fuzion Powder Brow technique, and Microblading Combo powder brow Leanne La, at Fuzion Artistry in Huntington Beach, California. She is trained in Shaugnessys fluffy microblading technique, Nano hairstrokes, and holds many other certifications for different microblading, microshading, pigment and color corrections by other profound artists such as Tina Davies, Paulina Osinkowska, Shay Danielle, & Dora Hollos.

If you have old microblading or old permanent makeup we need to see a photo of your brows or see you in person for a consultation before approving your appointment. Because of the nonrefundable $100 deposit and the several hours that are set aside for you and we want to ensure your brows can be worked on so you must tell us if you’ve had previous work done. For example, really dark or uneven work from a previous artist may require corrective work which is not something we can offer at this time.


If you are pregnant, nursing or pumping you cannot get the procedure during that time.

Also, no use of caffeine the day of or alcohol 24 hours before the procedure is required.


All changes to your appointment must be made within 3 days of appointment or deposit will be lost because of the length of time taken from your artists books. 



After your appointment your brows will have some redness and you will experience some peeling of dead skin. The redness is a light pink, similar to what you may experience after a wax. Your brows will fade up to 40% after the initial appointment and shrink 20% in size depending on if you experience minor swelling.

Does it hurt?

Numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort but many people experience minor to very little discomfort and many even fall asleep during the procedure.

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