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What is an expert skin analysis?

What is an expert skin analysis?

Before each facial at Glow Spa and Wax House we always do an expert skin analysis, but  what is that exactly? We check clients for many things such as skin type, inflammation, skin elasticity, skin texture, dehydration, age spots, uneven skin tone, excess oil production, hyperpigmentation, congestion, open lesions, black heads and white heads, dead skin cells and fine lines and wrinkles to include where the lines are and how they are being created. Using a mag lamp, ultraviolet lamp and our highly experienced and trained eyes we are able to determine what skin care plan should be used to help correct problematic skin.

Yes, skin can have all of these problems. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one and it’s our job is to help correct what’s going on. The skin is our largest organ and it’s very important to take really good care of it because it’s with us forever. First and foremost our estheticians will discuss with you what’s going on with your skin. We also listen to what you think about your skin and what outcome you’re looking for. Together as a team we can get you on the right path to get the results you’ve been looking for. It really takes time, a treatment plan for your specific skin concerns and the right products to achieve the best results possible. Hope to see you soon for your next facial service at our spa located in the Allandale neighborhood of north Austin, Texas! –Jessica ;)

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