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Brow and lash tinting:

brow and lash tinting

Are you wanting foxy, fuller brows?

Well brow and lash tinting may just become your new best friend. Many women have a need for this popular service and add it to their monthly waxing so often we have created a combo service for it with brow waxing.

Whether you are looking for just a little bit of depth or change of color this service is a must. Ladies who fill in their own eyebrows can benefit from this service because they would need to pencil or powder them in less and the tinting can give the brows a more natural look.

Going to the pool and don't want to fill them in our wear mascara? well tinting can give you that natural beauty without worrying about makeup smudging. At Glow Spa and Wax House we carry a large variety of top brands and several colors of tinting supplies. We also mix the colors according to your complexion and hair color type to give you an nearly flawless and natural looking tint on your brows.

The owner Jessica has experience as a hair color specialist and has taken her color skills and applied them to how she mixes her brow tints, not just using a single color tube on every client. Sometimes we want a cooler color or a little hue of a red undertone etc. Just using one single color will not achieve the look our clients want, so we use a little mixology in our back bar. This technique is used by all estheticians at Glow Spa and Wax House.

For lash tints, whether or not you are looking for a soft dark brown or a very black and full tint, we use a safe, vegetable dye that has long lasting results. Our clients have been very pleased with the outcome and how gentle we are with our lash tinting services.

For any of you considering one of these services or just want to try it out, add it to your next brow waxing service. Stop by our spa in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas to book an appointment or if you have any questions about brow and lash tinting ;)

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