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Eminence Organics Arctic Berry Illuminating System:

arcrtic berry immuninating system

This Eminence Organics skincare treatment is the ultimate renewal system for your skin by using a powerful combination of enzymatic and manual exfoliation and a multi acid peel.

The multi acid peel will be layered over the manual enzymatic exfoliant. This is a 20% multi acid peel infused with arctic berries that can help even your skins tone as well as brighten it. This is one of our favorite products to help get rid of free radicals, dead skin cells and leave the skin plump, hydrated and smooth. You will feel warmth as it is a stimulant, but it shouldn’t hurt. It should feel like the sun shining on you like a warm sunny day. This sensation is helps increase the blood flow and your circulation helping to get rid of bad lymph with a detoxifying and oxygenating process. Also, this peel doesn’t smell like chemicals, it smells like a delicious mix of berries.

Lastly, the peel will be deactivated and cleansed from the skin and then the final product is applied, the Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream. For best results we do have the three step arctic berry system for sale. The home kit gives you up to 12 treatments when used properly. Using the home system and getting the professional treatments will give you the best overall results. – Jessica ;)

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