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What is is about brows?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Why is everyone talking about Brows?

Have you noticed through social media that brows have been making quite a frenzy? Between makeup artist posts and memes, people cannot stop talking about brows and we may know why. 

For years woman have been going back and forth about brows and whether to have them thick or thin and for a good decade eyebrows were thin even amongst celebrities and in fashion magazines.

Now a days it's all about those thick and full, foxy eye brows which is exactly why our waxing experts wax your brows to their natural line and consult carefully on what kind of arch you would like and what works best to frame your face.

In some cases you may need a little brow rehab and the brow tech may wax where a certain area is expected to grow out. We know it's hard to take time with your brows but so worth the wait. Typically a thin brow may need to come in for 3-4 brow waxing sessions before it has been fully grown out unless the hair bulb itself was unable to produce hair. Our brow specialists will teach you the natural way to fill those hairs in without over doing it.

We pride ourselves in the art of brow sculpting and have enjoyed making Glow Spa and Wax House a trusted place for a good brow grooming for men and woman. We love to show off our work and be noticed for our craft. We strive so that when a client leaves they cannot help but receive compliments on their beautiful brows and talk to their friends about us.

Thank you to all of our clients, we love making your brows beautiful ;) 

How often should you wax your brows? We recommend returning for your brow maintenance every 3-4 weeks for a little touch up. If you’d like to give us a shot stop by our Allandale neighborhood, Austin, Texas location or book online by clicking one of the brow photos above. We hope you enjoyed your read on brows.

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