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Women's and Men's waxing in Austin, the best in town:

Okay, so we all know waxing hurts right? Well, we are here to tell you how you can minimize that pain by a significant amount! The Lycon waxing system used at Glow Spa and Wax House brings waxing in comfort to a whole new level and will actually minimize pain greatly.

Some of you may believe wax is just wax, well it isn’t. The Lycon system changes everything! You know that pain and tenderness you get after a wax for almost another day? Say goodbye to that feeling. Our clients are leaving with almost no discomfort or pain because this wax doesn’t cling to the skin. It is also loaded with essential oils and comes with a whole system of pre and post treatments to prep and smooth your skin. You won’t leave feeling sticky because there is no sticky residue. After the wax we will apply a soothing tea tree whipped moisturizer that will make your skin will feel cool and calm.

We carry 5 different types of Lycon waxes at or waxing salon to help ensure we have the best type of wax for all of the different areas of the body and hair type we are working with.  Our waxers are passionate at what they do and have years of experience under their belts. We are also lightning fast with all body waxing services, but will never try to rush you out of the door at our waxing salon. We are thorough, hair perfectionist and like to ensure hairs are not broken and spots are not missed.

I hope you’re up for the challenge! Stop by our full service female and male waxing salon in the Allandale neighborhood or Austin, Texas for a quick and virtually pain free waxing service – Jessica ;)

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