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Waxing Aftercare:

waxing aftercare tips

After a wax it is import ant to avoid swimming, sun bathing and any vigorous activities such as working out and intercourse for about 24 hours. Also during that time, don’t touch, rub or scrub the area that has been waxed. It’s also best to avoid any tight or clingy clothing. The idea behind all this is that we want your pores to breath until they calm down and close back up and this can take up to 24 hours from your waxing service.

Ok, so what about exfoliating? Depending on the area that has been waxed you will need a loofah or a textured cloth to help remove dead skin cells. It’s extremely important we exfoliate after a wax because our new hair shafts can get trapped under the skin if dead skin is blocking its path and this can cause the hair to coil up becoming an ingrown hair. For a back wax we recommend a loofah on a stick so you are able to thoroughly exfoliate those hard to reach areas.

As for a shower gel, you will want something free of sulphates and fragrance.  A lot of our clients have had success with Aveeno body washes. We recommend them and so do dermatologist because they are gentle, affordable and free of irritants. We do not recommend bar soaps at any time because they tend to leave a waxy film on the skin sometimes conditioning dead skin instead of removing it.

Are you following all of these rules and still having problems? Well, after your first wax or the first day after a wax it is normal to have what appears to be small red bumps on the skin. This is because the removal of the follicles may have caused the pores to raise, or get a little angry. This will usually subside after a day or so. If you do have any other issues or are prone to getting ingrown hairs you may want to start using an ingrown hair serum such as PFB Chromabrite or Lycon X-It ingrown hair solution. These products contain salicylic acid that eats away dead skin cells and get deeper into the pores to help exfoliate. Stop by our waxing salon in the Allandale neighborhood of north Austin, Texas and ask our waxing specialist any questions you may have. –Jessica ;)

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