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Do you want smaller pores?

how to help with smaller pores

Do you find your pores larger than you think they ought to be or simply find them oilier than normal? We are dedicated to giving you the skin you want and can feel confident in.

Larger pores can be genetic or because are pores are being stretched out from excessive oil production.  The first thing we do when we make a treatment plan for you is to figure out why our skin is having the problems it is. Not everyone has breakouts, inflammation, dryness, etc. for the same reasons so there isn’t one treatment that fits all common problems.

Eminence Organic skin care has several products that can help minimize the look of larger pores like the Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleansing Water and the Bamboo Firming Fluid. Both instantly tighten the skin and the Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleanser has rice milk that tightens and brightens the pores and is extremely light weight.

Along with professional treatments like our microdermabrasion and enzyme peels that remove the surface of the skin (the pore size looks minimized when layers of dead skin are sloughed off) and other professional products that are available we can try to achieve dramatic results with your skin.

We hope you enjoyed this read and hope to see you in for a professional skin care treatment. Or stop in for a skin care analysis to see how we can help achieve your skin care goals ;)

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