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Microblading for the first time what to expect

Are you considering microblading but not sure what to expect? Lets go over some common questions.

First does it hurt?

Prior to microblading a topical numbing cream is applied. With numbing the area you may still experience some discomfort but nothing a woman wouldn't endure for a little beauty. Most of our clients explain the discomfort to be a little spicy towards the end of the treatment or not feeling much of anything at all except a sensation of numbing. We use Zensa it is created with 5% lidocaine and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Vitamin E for quick activation and healing. Zensas perfected formula to allows the numbing lidocaine to perform at the maximum level, making it the most effective option available on the market. This formulation is pH-neutral which means it can be used on the most sensitive of skin and contains no vasoconstrictors so won’t impede the ink settling process during tattooing or microblading procedures.

How do I know if I am a candidate for microblading?

It is not recommended to get microblading for extremely oily skin types or active rosacea because of the healing and retention. DONT worry if you are not a good candidate because of skin type microshading or powder brow is perfect for you.

If you are pregnant or nursing microblading is not allowed until you are no longer carrying or nursing.

If I have hair but just some empty spots will this help?

Yes microblading is perfect for perfecting a shape the more hair the better if you have no hair or alopecia a combo brow of powder with microblading will create more texture and a more realistic shape.

When will I need a touch up?

Because we all have different skin this varies from person to person. Some may need a touch up in 6 months and some others 1 year. Our skin isn't just our skin type but how fast our skin cells turn over. Everyone has their own skin metabolism.

Our touch up pricing in our studio varies. Within 6 months $250, within 12 months $300, past 12 months $400 +

Will I have to fill my brows in?

Semi permanent makeup should look natural this is not an evening look. You can get a bold brow but your artist should go with what would look best naturally on you. This all depends on how bold you fill your brows in but the final product you should feel comfortable with no other makeup on in your new brows. If you fill your brows in with a dark pomade and going for a more Kardashian look with would be considered a evening look so you may want to fill in just a tad of your brows in with a full face of makeup but your shape will be perfected so filling it in is such a time saver with microblading. If you want a Jessica Alba brow look then you shouldn't need any makeup because this is considered a more bold natural brow.

What is the healing process like?

You can expect some peeling it is important you don't pick at peeling or you will pull out pigment. Around 7-14 days the skin will appear to be completely healed and the pigment will fade to its regular shade. The brows will first look lighter when peeling is complete because the pigment is under deeper layers of the skin but after 4 weeks the pigment will be completely surfaced or what we like to say is the pigment has bloomed. Attached is an image to show what you can typically expect from healing. Days aren't exact because again we all have different skin.

Follow these steps to properly take care of your skin after microblading:

  • Avoid getting the area wet for up to 10 days, which includes keeping your face dry during a shower.

  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week. This is because the pigments are still settling in to the shallow cuts in your skin caused by the blading.

  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

  • Keep your hair away from your brow line.

  • Apply any medicated cream or healing balm provided by your technician as directed.

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