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The diamond glow dermalinfusion treatment in Austin, TX

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Exfoliation like never before. The popular Hydrafacial has competition with diamond glow aka dermalinfusion technology. This technology uses diamond tip exfoliation with pneumatic suction , while simultaneously depositing serums for cleansing, brightening, clarifying, vitamin C serum, or hydrating serum all customized for your skin. These serums continue to work in your skin for up to 4 days.

This treatment will leave your skin feeling smoother in texture, plump, and more hydrated in just one treatment and there is no down time. We do recommend after any facial you avoid direct sun for 48 hours from activities such as sunbathing and long outdoor activities. It is okay to be outside running errands so as long as you wear a sunscreen. We also highly recommend you don't apply makeup after a deep exfoliation treatment or any facial as it just isn't beneficial for your best results.

Who is this treatment good for? Anyone who wants smoother brighter skin, Acne clients, dry skin,pre mature aging skin, and clients that just want to restore dull skin into glowing skin!

How does this treatment feel? If you ever had microdermabrasion the sensation feels textured similar to a cat tongue .You will feel a light suction with cool serums being pushed into the skin. Most clients find it to feel pretty cool and the deposit of the serums to feel relaxing and soothing.

What can I pair with this treatment? You can pair a light chemical peel, enzyme peel, hydrating mask, extractions, high frequency, lip or eye treatment, and even dermaplaning to make this a hydroplaning treatment.

This treatment is amazing our clients who have had this treatment have been re booking for the same treatment and sending in their partners or family members to enjoy the same benefits they got from it. We have even had clients email pictures and comment on how good their skin feels afterwards or how it has really helped with clear congested skin.

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