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Male Waxing

The Scoop on male waxing:

Men, don't deprive yourselves of the smooth skin waxing can give you without the hassle of shaving and using clippers every other day. There are several benefits to waxing including thoroughness, no razor burn, time savings and it last longer than shaving because the hair is removed from the bulb instead of just trimmed down from the surface. When the hairs grows back they can also come back thinner and softer.

At Glow Spa and Wax House, located in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas, we do full head to toe male waxing including male Brazilian waxes known as the Manzilian. We use the Lycon Waxing System which has been found to be less painful when compared to other waxes and also comes with a very unique set of pre and post waxing oils and lotions leaving your skin soothed and residue free. The most popular male services are brow waxing, back and shoulders waxes, and the Manzilian.

Many men are enjoying the perks of hair removal during Austin's hot summer days. So don't be shy, our wax specialists have years of experience at waxing salons and have waxed thousands of men and woman. Also, there is nothing girly about hair removal, everyone needs to be groomed from time to time. As for brow waxes, we leave male brows looking natural but cleaned up from unruly hairs with a trim and wax to the surrounding natural brow area.

What about aftercare? We recommend after a wax you let your skin breath as much as possible. This is because the pores need to close back up and the last thing you want is irritated skin because you went to the gym immediately after a wax. The rules are no working out, no sun bathing, no tight clothing and no hot baths. Also, steer clear of perfumed products, including deodorant (in the freshly waxed area) and certainly no scrubbing or rubbing the area for 24 hours after the wax.

Pretty easy isn't it! After 24 hours you can exfoliate the skin every other day and enjoy your normal activities. We recommend returning for your maintenance waxes between 4-6 weeks. Happy waxing ;)

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