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How to defeat ingrown hairs:

ingrown hair information

Many people suffer from ingrown hairs and it can happen anywhere on the body where hair grows. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve beautiful skin with designing the proper home care for them. We carry many after care products such as the Lycon X-It Ingrown Solution, PFB Chromabright ingrown hair serum and I Love My Muff maintenance for down there line.

There are a few factors that will tell which products will be most effective for you based on your skin and hair type.

One of the most important things to do at home is follow the guide lines of proper exfoliation. First things first, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! When exfoliating you may use a loofah of your choice whether it be a glove, mitt, ball or natural loofah on a stick. With your loofah you will want to use a fragrance free body wash and never a bar soap. Fragrance may irritate the follicle causing inflammation and bar soap may leave a heavy film over the skin.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to take good care of our skin after your waxing services. It is hard to get into a good routine but once you do and see your skin clear up it will get easier.

The removal of hair from the bulb means your new hair needs to make its way out of the hair shaft or it will coil up and get irritated. To prevent this from happening we need to slough of the dead skin cells so the hairs can make their way out of the hair shaft.

Sometimes our skin is more prone to ingrown hairs and exfoliating may help but is not doing the trick. In these instances we turn to an ingrown hair serum that has a salicylic acid in it. This helps break through tougher skin. The serums also have other ingredients that help soothe the irritated skin from the ingrown hairs.

Consult your waxing specialist if you want to achieve better results, we will happily help you get on your way to clearer skin. Stop by Glow Spa and Wax House in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas if you want more information on this or other skin care related subjects ;)

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