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Hard Wax VS Strip Wax:

After being in this industry for over 10 years I can’t help but notice the big debate, which is better strip (soft) wax or hard (hot) wax? Well, I would like to say neither! It all really depends on which area of the body you’re waxing, the texture of the hair and of course the technician and quality of the wax. I started off strip waxing and I go back and forth between the hard wax and strip wax depending on the client’s hair type and preference.

That’s exactly why I selected the Lycon Waxing System for my waxing salon after my experience and trial and error with several different wax companies and products. The Lycon wax is a complete system that includes the use of a variety and pre and post waxing products that takes a lot of care and specialty to use properly. Our waxing specialists have had very extensive training with Lycon allowing them to select the right wax from the 5 we we carry in house.

Hard wax is meant for those oh so sensitive areas such as Brazilians, manzilians, underarms, face and neck. Although, if you do have a preference for strip wax on your Brazilians our Lycon Azulene strip wax is thick and soft in consistency and it doesn’t stick to the skin like most strip waxes making it less painful and more comfortable. An hour after getting waxed with this strip wax you won’t have that after Brazilian wax feeling because it doesn’t have that skin pull.

Strip wax is recommended for large areas of the body such as legs, arms, chest and back. The wax we use is loaded with essential oils and has shrink wrapping capabilities grabbing hair as short as 2mm. This leaves you silky smooth without stubble from broken hairs (if you’ve had your legs waxed here you know what I mean). Getting a smoother wax without this shrink wrapping technology is near impossible.

For those with really thick hair that makes Brazilian waxing is almost unbearable, meet your new best friends, Lycon Azulene hard wax and Hybrid wax. With its pre waxing oil and soothing ingredients this wax stays pliable without cracking. Most hard waxes cannot be used with pre waxing oils and contain alcohol as a drying agent that sticks to the skin and makes it crack easily. From my experience in using other hard waxes, even other high end ones, if you get some on the floor or wax pot clean up can only happen with paint thinner, because they are more like cement. But, Lycon hard wax nurtures your skin as it waxes and it can be dissolved with natural oils. No wonder why it leaves the skin unharmed.

For the majority of my career I was only able to get a good precision brow wax with strip wax. Lycon makes a hard wax that allows precision and and it grabs hairs as short as 1mm, even those little hairs you don’t see. Using the Lycon Oh So Yummy chocolate hard wax, I’ve been able to do full face waxes on clients with even the most sensitive skin types without a flare up.The Lyon Waxing System has amazed my mature clients that have thin skin concerns by not lifting or thinning their skin. I couldn’t personally be more amazed and happy with another waxing product. I hope you enjoyed this chat about wax types and whatever your preference is our waxing therapist will amaze you with our hard and strip waxing skills. –Jessica ;)

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