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Why you shouldn't be afraid to get an Eminence Organics peel:

Why you shouldn't be afraid to get an Eminence Organics peel:

Sometimes when we even mention the word “PEEL” we get reactions like “I know someone who had a chemical peel and I'm not doing that,” or “That scares me.” Well we are here to explain to you why the enzyme peels that we use at Glow Spa and Wax House are not only very effective but safe, and definitely nothing to be afraid of.

We never use the words chemical because these are organic products made with organic produce and some really smart science. With the Eminence Organics peels, like the arctic berry illuminating system and the blueberry detox and firming peel, the enzymes and multi acid peels are from organic produce and safely smooth away the surface of the skin and the enzymes eat away the dead skin cells. The actual heat of these peels will feel like a warm sunny day, not a burning sensation. The heat comes from the ingredients like paprika and gives these enzymes their warmth, allowing your blood flow to circulate which oxygenates and will detoxify your skin.

Pretty cool huh! You will leave slightly flushed, with a rosy glow. These treatments help flush out bad lymph, firm and tighten and support new healthy collagen production. Another thing we love about the Eminence Organics professional treatments is they all smell so yummy! The blueberry detox and firming peel smells and looks just like jam and the arctic berry illuminating peel smells like sweet berries and candy. With the blueberry detox peel there is actually real pulp of fruit in the mix.

If you are looking to step up to your next facial consult one of our Eminence Organics skin care specialists at our location in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas. They can find the right treatment for the results you want to achieve in the facial room. Hope to see you soon for your next facial service – Jessica ;)

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