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Brazilian or Bikini wax, which should you choose?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Brazilian or bikini wax, which on should you choose?

Are you thinking of getting your first Brazilian or bikini wax but not sure what to expect or what kind of wax you may want? In a nutshell, waxing hurts, but it’s never as bad as we think it's going to be. The first time you wax you want to be free from shaving for a minimum of 2 weeks, ensuring the hair is long enough. If you have gone past this point and want to trim make sure the hair is at least as long as a grain of rice, our waxing therapists don't mind trimming you before the service if you're not too sure. 

Before the waxing service you want to arrive to your appointment 10 minutes early in case you have questions for you waxing therapist and to fill out a client intake form if you are new to our spa. During the Brazilian or bikini waxing service your waxing therapist will ask you if you want to remove all of the hair or talk about the different ladyscaping options if you aren't sure.

The wax typically takes just 15minutes. You are prepped with our Lycon pre waxing oil and finished with the Lycon finishing oil. Check out our blog “The Buzz About Lycon Wax” to get more information about the waxing products we use at Glow Spa and Wax House.

So, what are the differences between the shapes and different types of bikini and Brazilian waxes? The bikini is a traditional bikini line, waxing the sides and sometimes top of the bikini area focusing on getting the crease between the thighs and private area. The extended bikini goes in about 2 fingers extra giving you more security at the beach and is recommended if you want to be fully carefree of the sight of hair in teeny bikinis. Brazilian waxing services includes the front and back side as well as the bikini line but in some cases you may want to leave some hair behind by choosing a martini shape, Mohawk or something else you may have in mind, just consult with your waxing therapist during the service. We don't mind adjusting something to fit your waxing preferences. In some cases we have accommodated a client’s needs by doing a diamond shape, heart shape or a waxing service in between teeny bikini and full Brazilian wax.

We hope this has helped answer some questions you may have been having before choosing a bikini or Brazilian wax. Stop by our Allandale neighborhood location in Austin, Texas, for this service or book online through our website or Facebook.

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