A Ashiatsu massage can do a lot more than just pamper:

Massage can be very relaxing and of course that is good for your health, but do you know why?

Everyone has a lot going on with the stresses of daily living and we are all under a variety of different kinds of stress from a heavy work load, school or family and many times a combination of all of above. Reducing stress is good for our lymph system which plays a huge role on our immune system. We sometimes don't recognize the problems are body is going through until we ends up with major aches and pains. Our posture, our diet, stress and many other factors take a huge toll on our bodies and it's very important we step out of our heads and try to give our body what it needs from time to time.

Now let’s talk about manual manipulation of muscle tissue that massage offers. Our muscles hold tension and knots and sometimes the best thing to alleviate this is by stripping, melting and releasing the tension through different massage modalities.

At Glow Spa and Wax House, we warm up the tissues with Swedish techniques and sometimes incorporate dry brushing for lymph flow and circulation, or aromatherapy with hot towel compressions to get our muscles in a place of relaxation before we go in and work the muscle tension out.

It is important we warm up the tissues before we go in with the deep tissue massage pressure because going in to deep immediately may worsen your preexisting conditions or cause problems in the tissues. Also, our brain actually contracts our muscles as a defense mechanism from pain, so you don't ever want to feel pain during a massage, you should let you’re massage therapist know about the discomfort and they may try a different technique or different area.

Massage, along with stretches and proper body mechanics, can help you achieve healthier and happier life style. We hope to see you real soon for your next massage session at our location in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas - Jessica ;)