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Facials for Men:

Facials for Men:

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, facials are not girly and are not just for pampering yourself. Our skin is made up of layers of tissues and cell that help keep us healthy, and we want our bodies to be healthy right?

Well your skin is your largest organ and the first layer of defense we have. Not to mention tired, unhealthy, pre mature aging isn’t something anyone desires. The organic and all natural skin care lines we use like Eminence Organics and Inventive Eco Organics do not smell of fragrance but of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. If you can’t ingest it why should your skin right? Think of these facials as an ultimate smoothie but for your skin.

Are you unsure of being able to get a facial because of facial hair or a beard?  Worry not; we don’t use any cotton rounds or facial gauze that will get caught in facial hair. We use hot towels and the barber’s method of removal and all of our facials are accompanied by a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Our facial massages are very invigorating and include lymph drainage and shoulder mobility so it’s more like a real massage than just your typical frou-frou facial massage.

Lastly if you are looking for some home care advice, we know you want to keep it easy and simple. Let’s face it most men will not follow a 5 step skincare routine and need to ease into the skincare world. Best of all our staff will never try to push you into buying anything unnecessarily. They will listen to you with open ears in order to offer you the products that will really help and you will never be pressured into buying at the end of a service.

We hope you stop in soon at our spa in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas, maybe for the wine and latte facial, it’s been one of the most widely picked by our male clientele – Jessica ;)

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