I love My Muff, aftercare for down there!

What is I Love My Muff you may ask? It's a whole line of feminine hygiene products and daily, loving care for down there. Jessica found this product online while searching for an all-natural aftercare for clients that get Brazilian waxes and bikini waxing and needed maintenance products.

The Vancouver based I Love My Muff is making quite the scene in many waxing salons throughout the world and it’s no wonder why. Once you get your hands on one of their lovely maintenance kits you’ll be hooked.

The maintenance kits come in 2 different scents, the green kit is more of a soft chamomile scent and the blue kit is more of a refreshing herbal scent. Both kits come with a bottle of clean (wash), soft (moisturizer) and pure (spray) along with a bundle of handy on the go I Love My Muff wipes.

I Love My Muff products are not only all natural but they are also hypoallergenic, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Along with the maintenance kits you can also purchase a box of the fresh wipes for after work outs, after summer hiking and swimming activities or anytime you need to freshen up on the go.

How do I use I love my muff wipes after my wax? As you know (because your waxing therapist should have told you) you always exfoliate to maintain good skin after waxing and so you don't develop ingrown hairs. You can use the clean (wash) with your loofah to help exfoliate, the pure (spray) after the shower as a toner and refresher and then finish with the soft (moisturizer). After a long day you can use the pure (spray) to freshen up or the Muff wipes.

The green tea in the I love my muff products keeps your skin fresh and lets it breath throughout the day we don't recommend you use just any moisturizer for your lady parts as they can clog the pores or contain fragrance which is an irritant.

Hope that helps you ladies who are curious about I Love My Muff products. Stop by Glow Spa and Wax House in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin, Texas for more information or to purchase your Muff kits ;)